AFFiNE Ambassadors are passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach and share AFFiNE with others. They do this through different ways - from leading communities, organizing events, creating content (from courses to social media posts), help with internalization, create and share templates and more.
AFFiNE Ambassadors:
  • Are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and sharing AFFiNE to the world
    • Community building - creating and managing groups, hosting events, engaging over social media
    • Content creation - creating and sharing templates, creating videos, building tools and apps, translating and helping with internationalization
  • Decide what they do! The AFFiNE team is here to support you!
  • Create their own content. Your content is yours and we hope we an help you promote it and share your content with a wider audience.
  • Are volunteers. The program is completely voluntary and members are free to leave at any time.
  • Can generate income. If you want to monetize your content that's fine. Maybe through courses, consulting, or something else and we hope we can give you the support and resources you may need.
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