Working with our code
To help you get started here are some quick tips and info.

Quick overview

The basic directory structure conventions in this repository are described here.
  • Generic functional components (e.g. atomic UI components) are placed in libs/components/common.
    • Components within common are not allowed to import other components except utils and dependencies.
    • Common components can dependent on each other.
  • Components containing business logic are placed in libs/components. The editor and draw prefixes are used to distinguish them.
  • Data source components are placed in libs/datasource, including API requests, schemas, etc.

Useful scripts

Some commonly used commands defined in package.json are listed here.
# Create react dependency library
pnpm run add:library
# Create react components
pnpm run add:components
# Create a data source
pnpm run add:datasource
# Run unit tests
pnpm test
# Compile or test or lint specific component
pnpm build|test|lint ${project name from workspace.json}
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Quick overview
Useful scripts