Install AFFiNE with Docker
This guide assumes you already have an environment setup running docker.

Installing AFFiNE using Docker

  • Pull the latest AFFiNE image. This may take some time depending on your network connection.
docker pull
Ensure this step is completed successfully before continuing (you can rerun this command if you are unsure).
  • Next we will run the AFFiNE project in Docker.
docker run -p 4200:3000 --name affine -d
This command binds the internal app port 3000 to the public port 4200.
  • You can confirm that AFFiNE is running successfully by using the command
docker ps
This command shows a list of running containers - in the list you should be able to find AFFiNE.
  • Now you can access AFFiNE from your browser via:
    • If you are running Docker on your local machine and using the default settings you can access via port 4200 through localhost: http://localhost:4200/​
    • Otherwise you will need to know the {IP} of the machine using Docker and the {PORT} that AFFiNE is using.
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