AFFiNE is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting, and creating altogether. Form your knowledge console at your wish.
Open-source, privacy-first, and always free.

Features of AFFiNE

Shape your page

An always good-to-read, structured docs-form page is the best for your notes, but a boundless doodle surface is better for collaboration and creativity.
We make the shift and reshape easy, so you can shape the docs your way.
With AFFiNE, every page comes with 2 views, and you can access and edit fully functioned blocks anywhere, in any form.

Plan your task

We really appreciate the idea of Monday, Airtable, and Notion database. They inspired what we think is right for task management. But we don't like the repeated works -- we don't want to set a todo easily with markdown but end up re-write it again in kanban or other databases.
With AFFiNE, every block group has infinite views, for you to keep your single source of truth.

Sort your knowledge

A good, semantic knowledge base is made of reusable, linked elements. AFFiNE is completely made on top of the idea of blocks. Blocks can be 2-way linked, duplicated, reused, and synced between docs.
As semantic web lovers, we don't like the idea of folders that much, and we make everything easy to find.
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Features of AFFiNE