Core Concepts

What AFFiNE is Not

AFFiNE is a open source all in one workspace. We hope AFFiNE can accerlate the process of transferring information into knowledge unlimitedly and replace a number of tools, but there are some tools that we will never emulate. It is too hard to conclude what will AFFiNE exactly become, after all, our vision is for AFFiNE users ‘to shape, not adapt’ to tools. But we can say with certainty what AFFiNE won’t become.

Who should not use AFFiNE

  • AFFiNE is not a typesetting system. Don’t use AFFiNE if you enjoy the rulers and tabs of layout buttons in MS Word/Google Docs/Pages .etc
    • We aim to make reading your content enjoyable even during the process of writing it.
  • AFFiNE is not a syntax inventor. We think MarkDown for formatting and LaTeX for math is good.
  • AFFiNE is not a dedicated tool. You should find your best way to use AFFiNE.