Dev Guide

Commit Guide


In the AFFiNE team, we ask that all PRs should be submitted by graphite. Read the doc to install graphite

  1. Install the CLI.
  2. Sign into with your GitHub account.
  3. Input a token name and create a new token.


  1. Copy the token and run gt auth --token <your_cli_auth_token> command in your terminal.
> gt auth --token <YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN>
🔐 Saved auth token to "/Users/pranathiperi/.graphite_user_config"

After the graphite CLI is initialized, you should read to learn how to submit PR by graphite.

Commit Sign

We enable verified signatures checking for PRs, so you need to read the commit signature verification to init the signature. After the signature configuration is completed, you can run the following command to sign the commit default on every commit.

git config --global commit.gpgSign true