Core Concepts

Elements of AFFiNE

Let’s go through all the elements and their structures that make up AFFiNE.

To shape your own AFFiNE, we’d better start with the list of our building blocks, the elements of AFFiNE. In AFFiNE, everything is made up of blocks, and you can pretty much represent everything as differnt type of blocks. For example, a doc usually consists of a set of blocks, while the doc itself can be a referenced synced doc block in another page.

Hope you can use these elements to shape up the AFFiNE that fits you the best. Let’s dive in.

  • Blocks Atomic element within docs like text blocks, image or embed webs.
  • Docs Just pages. Come with doc info for indexing and referencing. Have multiple views: Edgeless Mode and Page Mode.
  • Page Mode present a set of blocks in the form of a linear document or a edgeless canvas.
  • Doc info abbreviated as “Info,” refers to all the attributes and fields contained within a doc.
  • Blocks with Databases a structured container to index, group, update or oversee blocks in different views.
  • Collections a smart folder where you can manually add pages or automatically add pages through rules.
  • Workspaces your virtual space to capture, create and plan as just one person or together as a team.
  • Members collaborators of a Workspace, with different roles.
  • Settings allows for the personalization of appearance and usage preferences, enabling users to tailor their experience to fit their specific needs.