Core Concepts

Blocks that assemble your next docs, tasks kanban or whiteboard

Definition of blocks and pages of AFFiNE is in Blocks with Databases .

Everything in AFFiNE is a Block, too.

By pressing the / key, you can add a variety of block types. We’ve pre-designed different blocks to help you compose your very own Docs, tailored just for you.

Try this out by clicking the | symbol to the left of a block, which we call a ‘drag handle.’ By long-pressing and dragging, you can effortlessly organize the content within your Doc just the way you like it

Blocks can transform, so can the canvas

AFFiNE makes it possible to transform any block type from your Doc onto your canvas, allowing you to rearrange, reconstruct, and expand your thoughts effortlessly, all with just one motion. In fact, page is just a database of blocks with a preferred view. More on Blocks with Databases .